Against the Current paints its own picture of France and the year we spent on our boat exploring it. However, for those of you desperate to know what Liberty and some of the places we visited were like, and to see what we captured while trying to become wildlife photographers, this section is for you. Click on any image to enlarge and read the full description.

(These images are free for you to download and use as you wish providing you include an acknowledgment to Mike Bodnar and a link to If you need higher resolution versions please email the author with details. Thanks!)

Liberty - inside and out


Canals, locks and stuff like that

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Boats - afloat and not

Beaucaire - our winter port


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Fonserannes Staircase, Canal du Midi

Six locks in a chain, or staircase. It scared us when we first saw it from the bottom, and was no picnic going up, but we made it, and entertained the onlookers at the same time. This isn't one of our images - it's taken from a postcard (thank-you to the photographer).