Travelling in France by boat



 Against The Current was published in January 2016.


The paperback is now out of print (except for a few copies available from me!), but is very much available as an eBook and an audiobook. This page gives you some options for purchasing. 

Get a signed copy of the paperback by clicking on the button below! This option is currently available only to UK residents (sorry!). The price of £14 includes postage and packing, with delivery between two and three working days.

The paperback is now out of stock from the publisher but you can buy and download the eBook version. Click on the Buy Now button below.

Rare second-hand copies of the paperback (as well as the eBook) are also available through major online outlets such as the Amazon, eBay, etc.

The audiobook was released in early April 2017 and is available cheapest on, but is also available through Audible, iTunes and many other audiobook resellers.