May 30, 2016

This is a question I've been asking myself recently, as the initial print-run of my first book dwindles away.


Before we go too deeply into the subject, let me establish up-front that I'm not an expert when it comes to self-publishing. (It could also be argued I'm not knowledgeable about success either, but let's not spoil things!) What follows are purely my own observations and thoughts. But first, a brief bit of background...


In January this year my first self-published book came out. Previousl...

April 15, 2016

An article in the BBC’s online magazine (15 April 2016) about a family living on an English canal being forced to ‘keep moving’ raises some interesting issues.

In a nutshell, the family says they’ve chosen to live on the canal because they love the lifestyle. They enjoy the fields and countryside environment. Their young children attend a local school.

But the Canal and River Trust (CRT), the guardians of our inland waterways, say that by staying in one place the family is contravening the water...

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