October 9, 2018

No sooner has Liberty sold than a new boat has arrived, but this time almost literally on our doorstep. Or moorstep, if you will.

Liz and I always knew that when Liberty went to a new owner we'd want (read 'need') something to replace her; if the year living afloat in France taught us nothing else, it was that we both enjoy messing about in boats.

However, dear readers and blog followers, you will almost certainly know by now that we were finding the long drive(s) to Liberty, moored in various par...

April 15, 2016

An article in the BBC’s online magazine (15 April 2016) about a family living on an English canal being forced to ‘keep moving’ raises some interesting issues.

In a nutshell, the family says they’ve chosen to live on the canal because they love the lifestyle. They enjoy the fields and countryside environment. Their young children attend a local school.

But the Canal and River Trust (CRT), the guardians of our inland waterways, say that by staying in one place the family is contravening the water...

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