February 13, 2017

While actors tread the red carpets of awards ceremonies, five avid travel readers in the United States and Canada have also won something - a signed copy of Against The Current, their prizes for entering my latest Goodreads Giveaway competition. It may not be the equivalent of an Oscar or Bafta, but it on the plus side it doesn't need polishing, and you don't have to give an acceptance speech!

Michelle from Madison, Wisonsin, Megan from Marion, Indianapolis, Ruth from Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia,...

November 23, 2016

Have you ever read a story to your child, or someone else? Have you ever read it for four hours? And then repeated that for four days in a row? Well that’s what it can be like recording an audiobook!

October 21, 2016

Yesterday I found the perfect recording studio in Liverpool. Not because I'm about to release an album (you'll be relieved to know) but because I'm going to produce an audiobook version of Against The Current.

It's a daunting challenge. Based on a trial read of two or three chapters, it looks like I'm in for up to 12 hours' recording - no mean task even for someone who's worked in broadcasting! Most of my narration and voice-over experience has been for TV programmes, commercials, documentaries,...

May 2, 2016

In April I held a casual book reading at Liverpool's cosy Muster Custom Coffee lounge recently. My friend Shaun videotaped the event, which you can now watch on YouTube!


I chose four different pieces from Against The Current - the prologue (drama!), having a haircut in France (more drama!), the Name of the Wind (batten down for a 'Thatcher'), and finally, how I told a French sailor he had no idea 'how to soil a bat!'. Join me, and hear them straight from the author's mouth...



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