February 20, 2018

I write a monthly column for Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine here in the UK, essentially serialising the story of our year living on board 'Liberty'.

I've just finished writing the latest episode about the time four years ago that Liz and I tackled the famed Fonserannes Staircase locks in Languedoc-Rousillon.

The pic here was our first view from the bottom - a scary sight, and yes, a tough climb!!

It had to happen sooner or later. Our relationship had to come to an end. Despite all we've been through, the exciting times, the stressful times, the adventures as well as the challenges, it is time to part.

I'm not talking about Liz and me, no, oh no; I am talking about our time with Liberty, our lovely boat. It's time to go our seperate ways.

Those of you who have read - or listened to - Against The Current, will know that Liberty was our home for a whole year, from September 2013 to September...

August 17, 2016

It's been a while since I posted any updates here, sorry. I blame France.

Well, that's not really fair. It's not like post-Brexit, Francois Hollande called me up and said, 'You know, now zat you're no longer one of us, you cannot write! Zut alors, get going wiz Article 50!'

No, what I mean is, we've been in France for a while recently, back at Migennes getting our boat Liberty - heroine if the book Against The Current - back in the water after 20 months' sitting on dry land. And we haven't had goo...

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