In perfect circumstances you could probably get your audiobook from the initial ‘Ah-ha! I think I’ll make an audiobook’ moment to the ‘Ooh look, people are downloading it!’ euphoria in about a month, but based on my own experience you should allow somewhat longer than that.

April 3, 2017

In case you’re... also thinking of turning your book into something people might want to listen to – people such as long-distance truck drivers, passengers on long-haul flights, the visually impaired, and, let’s not forget, those who find reading a real challenge for whatever reason – I’m happy to share the story so far.

March 20, 2017

‘...when suddenly I blubberdy-dubbledy bum-bum bugger,’ I said, having made yet another error in my narration. ‘Sorry Jon, let’s pick that one up…’

It was reminiscent of Bill Nighy in the opening scenes of Love Actually where he’s making mistakes singing, ‘Christmas is all around you…’

It was a common slip of the tongue, and even professionals are prone to it. Show me Stephen Fry or Lindsay Duncan doing a complete read-through without stumbling and I’ll eat my microphone. Well, maybe just the pop-...

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