Start the printing press!

The book is at the printers! So, around the 6th of October I should get the first copies in my hot little hands. I can't wait!

Meanwhile I've been busy developing some marketing collateral - posters, bookmarks, stickers - and finding venues for book launches.

It looks like my first launches will be in New Zealand where I'm headed for the month of November. I believe Against The Current will resonate with a lot of Kiwis, partly because the nation's mad about boating, and partly because New Zealanders love to travel, either in realioty or from their armchairs through a book. And, in the end, Against The Current is a travel book!

So, my first launch is at the Richmond Yacht Club, Westhaven, Auckland on 5 November at 6pm. The second is in Wellington at the Evans Bay Yacht Club on 20 November, same time. Both clubs have been very welcoming and seem as keen on the idea of the book launches as I am, which is nice.

So, now I have to bide my time.

Waiting, waiting... :-)

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