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Become a Promotional Saboteur

May 18, 2016

It’s been almost two weeks since this year’s Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester, and I’m still amped from it. It’s always good to get together with other self-publishing authors, and even better on a day dedicated to the cause.


I was delighted with the attendance at my session on Self-Promotion for Self-Publishers – thank you again if you’re one of those to come along. If you didn’t, or weren’t able to make it to the conference, you can download my notes here.


I tried to provide practical, satisfying things that self-publishers can do to promote themselves and their works, concentrating largely on things you can do for free, or at least for very little cost.


One of my favourites is bookmarks. As a promotional gimmick, what better to hand out to readers? There are plenty of online design-print companies who have all sorts of templates to choose from, and with a little creative endeavour on your part you can create your own artwork.


A bookmark should at the very least feature the name of your book, an image of the cover, and an indication of what it’s about.


But there’s also room for a website URL, a QR Code, and maybe a pithy review quote or two, especially if you use both sides.


One of the most enjoyable ways I discovered of using them is to slip them into similar books to mine (travel, France, humour) in the local library, knowing that they’ll be found by my target readers. I call this ‘promotional sabotage.’ Of course you can always just boldly ask your librarian if you can leave a stack of them for all readers, but I like knowing that I’m targeting my market directly.


There’s a whole lot more from my session, so download the notes and pick what you’d like to try. Let me know how you get on!


PS: Resources from most of the other conference speakers are also available here.





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