Mike and Mic

Yesterday I found the perfect recording studio in Liverpool. Not because I'm about to release an album (you'll be relieved to know) but because I'm going to produce an audiobook version of Against The Current.

It's a daunting challenge. Based on a trial read of two or three chapters, it looks like I'm in for up to 12 hours' recording - no mean task even for someone who's worked in broadcasting! Most of my narration and voice-over experience has been for TV programmes, commercials, documentaries, and even cinema adverts - but I've never undertaken anything as lengthy as a whole book.

To avoid wrecking my throat I'll split the recording sessions into lots of around three hours each, which should make the process a bit more manageable.

I'm really excited by the prospect and will document the whole process and make a short video for the benefit of other authors interested in doing an audiobook, which I'll put on YouTube. And, if there's enough interest, I might even start up an audiobook production service.

Meanwhile I need to go away and practise my French accent, and work out which voices to use for Liz, the hairdresser, and the Spanish couple!

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