The Book is Alive

And so, after about six months, my audiobook of Against The Current is finally on the market. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but hey, some things are worth waiting for!

In perfect circumstances you could probably get your audiobook from the initial ‘Ah-ha! I think I’ll make an audiobook’ moment to ‘Ooh look, people are downloading it!’ euphoria, in about a month, but based on my own experience you should allow somewhat longer than that.

If you’ve read any of the other recent blogs here you’ll know that for various reasons – me not being able to secure back-to-back studio bookings, the sound engineer having to go overseas for a while, Christmas, me having to go overseas for a while – it took much longer than I expected. And anyway you don’t want to rush such things (I kept telling myself).

As of writing, the audiobook has been uploaded to Audible (via their upload and distribution service ACX) and is available on Amazon and iTunes, and it’s gone off to Author’s Republic, though I’ve heard nothing back from them other than an acknowledgement of receipt and that it will be reviewed, which could take up to two months.

I had initially had some problems with the technical specs not being acceptable to Scribl, which initially frustrated me, but to give them their due they have worked really hard to help me match their requirements, even admitting along the way that some of the wording on their website might have been confusing. But they’ve been fantastic, and so the audiobook is now available via Scribl and is being widely distributed to other online outlets through them.

I would recommend them as the first place to go for downloading a copy, not least because you can get it for free for a while as the popularity of the book takes time to build, along with its retail price (which is what they call CrowdPricing).

So my work here is done. Well, not entirely – now it’s up to me the author/publisher/producer/rights owner to promote its availability, which is partly of course what I’m doing here. I’ve announced it on the book’s website and Facebook page, and Twitter, and will be telling anyone who’ll listen (literally), plus keeping an eye out for (hopefully) positive reviews that I can use for further promotion.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I had a lot to learn, but I’ve learned it now, and would happily do another audiobook someday. Only thing is I have to write it first!


If you’d like to download a copy of Against the Current the audiobook, visit Scribl here.

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