Releasing the Words

If you have an hour to spare and want to hear in detail how to produce an audiobook, you can listen to my latest podcast interview with Paul Teague here, released today.

Paul produces quality weekly podcasts on the subject of self-publishing. His site is called Self Publishing Journeys, and over the past year he's built up a library of fascinating interviews with a wide range of authors.

I used the accompanying movie poster meme to promote this latest podcast - couldn't resist the pun opportunity, or the delightful chance to anagramise the word 'sword' into 'words'!

Anyway, during our interview we cover the whole audiobook production process from how to find a studio (and why not to record it at home!), choosing a narrator vs doing it yourself, the challenges of narrating, the recording and post-production processes, and - importantly - the costs involved.

I hope you find it interesting, but if there's something I neglected to cover or a question you'd like to ask, please email me using the contact form on this site's 'Talk' page.

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