The Tightly-Furled Umbrella

Liberty is tucked up for the winter in France, so we won't be going anywhere on her anytime soon. Like most boaters, the prospect of cruising along canals in freezing fog or worse doesn't hold much appeal. Liberty remains for sale (sail?) and we are pleased with the number of enquiries we've had to date - one of them may well result in a deal, but that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, in the absence of travelling through France I've been champing at the bit to regularly write something, so I recently started a new blog called The Tightly-Furled Umbrella.

It's not about boating particularly - although boats will almost certainly get a mention - it is instead unashamedly 'A Very London Blog'. That's because we're now living in the capital, so it's an easy target! It's also a fertile ground for subject matter, never a dull moment, so if you'd like to follow it you can sign up for email alerts whenever I post a new one. Just click on this link and it will magically take you there.

In the few posts I've done so far I've talked about turning Stockwell into an independent country, the cost of property in london, and most recently Guy Fawkes and why we should have more days celebrating damp squibs. I hope you'll join the readership :-)

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