Out of Print!

Yes it's true: Against The Current is no longer in print, and now the only physical copies you're likely to find are from the library (where I'm just in front of Bill Bryson, phnar, phnar...) or second-hand on eBay, Amazon or similar. Or - and here's the good news - you can still buy a sparkling new paperback copy direct from me as I have a few left. Check out the 'Buy' page on this website. Only while stocks last, as they say!

A recent Guardian newspaper article indicated that sales of physical books have dropped dramatically in the past year, while audiobooks enjoyed a 43% rise in sales. Luckily Against The Current is available both as an audiobook and an eBook, so while the original paperback might be scarce, there are at least the electronic options.

A few people have asked me when I plan to publish another book, either a follow-up to this one or something new entirely. I don't have an answer, except 'not any time soon'. Liz and I are renovating our property on the Thames, which is taking up every minute of spare time and is a long process and likely to last the rest of this year.

So while I do have a novel in the wings, and a sort-of potential follow-up to Against the Current, I'm not likely to get any quality writing time for a few months yet. But if next year I do manage to get something written, you'll hear about it right here!

Have a good summer.

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