My Story Isn't Over!

A screenshot of the home page of The Tightly-Furled Umbrella blog by Mike Bodnar

While the story of Liberty and our time aboard her has now slipped into maritime history (!), I am still writing. If you enjoyed reading or listening to Against The Current, you'll almost certainly like my blog called The Tightly-Furled Umbrella.

I post approximately two or three times a month and take a poke at anything and everything. Sometimes the articles are light and fluffy, other times more serious, but always (I hope anyway) informative and entertaining.

You can visit the Tightly-Furled site here. And if you sign up to follow (free by the way) you won't be deluged with emails; you'll only get one if a new blog is published.

Here's what some readers have said about the TFU. (see image left).

So don't be shy, give it a go. Most posts take no longer then five or six minutes to read.

Go on, come under my umbrella now ;-)

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